The Muxic Circle

The Muxic Circle is an artist-to-artist performance space for womxn, genderqueer and LGBTQIA+ musicians.

First event: Monday 8 May, 7pm to 8.30pm, Ebor Studio, Littleborough OL15 8JP.

(Please arrive on time so you don’t interrupt someone’s performance. If you need time to set up for your performance, come along at 6.30pm.)

Who can come?

Anyone who identifies as female/minority gender or is part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

What’s the point?

The music industry is a cis-het-male dominated environment. The Muxic Circle is a safe space for minorities within the music industry to come together, connect and share.

What’s the format?

We sit together in a circle, taking turns to perform an original song or composition. This is a relaxed and private space for musical artists, with no stage or audience. The atmosphere is informal and supportive.

Dependent on the group size, you will have the opportunity to perform more than once during the session. You can invite feedback from the group on specific aspects of your work if that’s useful to you.

Sessions run from 7pm to 8.30pm with a break. Please arrive on time so you don’t interrupt someone’s performance.

What can I share?

All types of music performance/sharing are welcome, and it’s a great space to share work-in-progress. All genres and levels of experience are welcome.

Live performance is encouraged, whether that’s an instrumental piece, self-accompanied song, a cappella song, or something electronic. A Bluetooth speaker will be available if you prefer to share pre-recorded work.

Generally music will be performed unplugged and at an acoustic-level volume, but you’re welcome to bring any electronic kit you need to perform (amps, synths, etc.) If you need time to set up for your performance, come along at 6.30pm.

Who’s running this?

Artist and musician Hannah ‘Hunter’ Hull (they/them), a.k.a. Burning Salt. Hannah is an experienced facilitator committed to creating inclusive, intersectional spaces. They identify as disabled and queer.

Have you just made up the word Muxic?


Historically, the ‘x’ in ‘womxn’ aimed to liberate and reclaim the term ‘woman’ from a patriarchal lens, and allow for redefinitions to occur. Similarly, The Muxic Circle aims to be a space for us to share and experience our music away from the cis-het-male presence that dominates the music industry.

Anything else I need to know?

The Muxic Circle is a supportive and intersectional space. You should come prepared to respect and value everyone present, inclusive of sexuality, gender, ethnicity, age, disability or religion.

Also, tea and biscuits will be provided.

Accessibility and transport

Please contact in advance to book wheelchair access. Wheelchair access to the building is available using Ebor Studio’s portable ramp, and there is a wheelchair accessible toilet.

Address: Ebor Studio, Littleborough, West Yorkshire OL15 8JP.

The event will be held in Gallery Frank on the Ground Floor:

Free street parking is available outside the gallery – please do not block the neighbours’ paths or driveways.

An outside bicycle lock-up is available.

The nearest train station is Littleborough, which is a 9 minute walk from the gallery.

If you have any requests that will support you to attend this event, please do get in touch.


Questions? Email Hannah/Hunter: